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While the world population is increasing rapidly, it is getting harder to reach enough and healthy food day by day. Foods of plant and animal origin that feed humanity; climate change, shrinkage of production areas, unconscious production, reduction of human workforce, etc. For this reason, yield losses are also increasing rapidly. The problem that all of these will create directly concerns all of us and even future generations.

Production of foods of animal origin, which has a great place in human nutrition directly related to the quality of herbal products. All problems related to the inadequacy and quality of plant products greatly affect the yield and quality in animal food production. All these risks now make animal food supplements mandatory in the production of animal foods.

For all these reasonsWith our long years of experience and knowledge in the agriculture and livestock sector, our professional team specialized in high technology and manufacturing; In order to achieve high efficiency in animal husbandry and high quality in animal products,We produce feed additives in our factory established in Amasya.

We attach great importance to high quality standards and most importantly scientific data in every product we produce, so we increase our R&D investments and studies day by day. We always observe the results on site with our field teams.

In short, we work by adding value to every day with all our faith and strength so that humanity can reach healthy animal foods and increase productivity by living a healthy life in animals.


In our factory located in Amasya; a wide range of animal races/genus/species such as cattle and ovine livestock and dairy animals, poultry, pet animals, beekeeping, fishing, exotic animals;  we produce liquid, powder, tablet, cream, granule and pellet feed additives (premixes, baby food, lick buckets, etc.) containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids.

With products with BYPASS, which is the most valuable product group of our product range and which is the first in Turkey with its production technology and production process.We have taken our goals in animal nutrition one step further. We are happy to present our main product groups with bypass, such as bypass oil and bypass promix, which we created by bypassing all animal feed additive products, to the future of animal husbandry.


We do not adopt a classical production model, but a production model that can offer special solutions. For this reason, we provide an important support to the enterprises by producing special products for livestock enterprises in our factory with our fast production capability. 

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We established Turkey's first production facility with all premix bypass technology in Amasya.

This is our pride...

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